About MLG

Who Are The Moonlighter Group?

Our potted history:

  • Top rated seller on ebay -for over 10 years
  • Ranked No 1 on Delcampe
  • Top rated book seller on Green Metropolis.

Our clients include all the major TV channels BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and 5 , The History Channel  and we have also supplied featured items to shows on Broadway and The West End.

Specialist Collectors and Production Companies all use the Moonlighter Group for those obscure hard to find items, we specialize in the obscure and now that you have found us, the search is finally over!

Global suppliers to collectors worldwide

We will ship our items to anywhere in the world.

From the Amazon rain forest to Aberdeen , New Caledonia to the New Forest we have shipped to nearly every country and city in the world Russia , USA , Canada , Belgium , France . Ireland , Australia , Argentina , Bolivia , South Africa, wherever you are we will deliver.

The Moonlighter Group. Specialists in the obscure.

We bring those rare and wonderful, undiscovered gems to our online store and enable you to complete your collection with ease.

No more hunting around aimlessly, all you have ever needed can be found here. If you can’t find it in our store, drop us a link (our form is at the bottom of every page) and we will search our vast collection of over 100,000 collectible items for you.

New discoveries are being added regularly to our online catalogue so remember to add us to your favourites now.

No more hanging around, why not delve straight into our wonderful world of rare and obscure collectible gems. Enter our shop now.